Internet and Gaming Addiction
Coaching for students and their family

with Ron Bashian, M.D.

There is, however, an immediate rescue available.


Why Four Weeks detox  is necessary – a family’s story

Within hours, children become restless

Soon thereafter irritability may ensue

For the first week they may be climbing the walls.

These are symptoms of withdrawal from an addiction

(World Health Organization)

Successful Intervention require a committed family and coach

  • It requires parents willing to diminish their own screen time
  • It requires a child to be prepared, respected, and educated
  • It requires the availability of a variety of non-screen activities

Returning to screens as a privilege, not as a right, you may find a calmer child – more pleasant, motivated, and socially engaged.


I provide a complimentary consultation, along with corroborating professional medical and psychological references.

In person throughout the DC Metro area or online via Skype

Ron Bashian, M.D. American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow