Money and Value


People always have and always will be preoccupied with money – and for good reason. We need to pay our bills, pay for our children’s college care and health an education, pay just taxes, and maintain where we live.

What happens when we find a wallet that someone ahead of us has dropped? What happens when we glance and see it has a few singles, or see that it has many hundreds?

My wife left her engagement ring once, in the lady’s room at a museum in Boston. When she remembered and frantically returned there, it was gone! In desperation, we scurried to the lost and found department. Someone had found and returned it, and then left. We didn’t know who, and we never found out.

A key step in being coached is to identify your real values. What motivates you? What do your aspirations say about yourself? What would you stand on, even if you suffered loss in the process? What do you need to do to respect yourself?

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Coach Ron

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