Pediatrics, ADHD, Leukemia, Coaching

I began my professional life as a pediatrician, and found it particularly enjoyable to observe the developmental pathway of children and adolescents. Within what is called a “normal developmental track”, there is a wide spectrum of variation and diversity. Some grow up easy, others have a harder time.

Among those who experienced difficulty, I was always compelled by the struggle of those who have ADHD. Appearing just like other children, and often focusing well on what they want to focus on, they still slip through the cracks in school and in social situations. But these same individuals have unique perceptual sensitivities, refreshing creativity, hidden strengths, and deep determination to succeed. These are there if they are understood and not driven into shame and then apathy

Then something happened to me, out of the blue. I got leukemia. Six months of treatment including over 120 days in the hospital cured the leukemia, but my bone marrow weakened. I was fortunate enough to receive a bone marrow transplant, which saved my life…a second time.

I learned a lot about being vulnerable, about being dependent, about not being in charge, and about not knowing what would happen to me. Friends and family were encouraging, but I knew that my situation was causing lots of stress. I was fortunate enough to survive..

As a result, my hope and appreciation for life have been deepened and renewed. Although no one would choose this, it can be a profound life learning experience. I became more resilient, more thankful, more determined to find the positive, more interested in learning rather than judging, less interested in minor squabbles – and more focused on serving others.

I bring my background, these experiences, and my years of life to ADHD Coaching, Coaching Cancer Patients and Survivors, Youth Coaching, and Life Goals Coaching. Clients discover their best strengths, seek meaningful and tangible change, and find practical strategies to meet their chosen goals. I provide structure with attentive listening and facilitate a client’s clarification of goals – doing this by asking powerful and challenging questions, with affirmation and validation, honoring every intention and effort.. (More details at: Coaching Description)