24-year-old,college graduate university employee.
My problem is stopping myself from playing (5 hours in a session….until 3 AM one evening. Ron suggested a technique…which produced surprisingly effective results.
20-year-old, college Junior, science career goal. Coached to passing grade in organic chemistry
Video games for me are an escape from reality. The real world can sometimes be a cruel and unforgiving place especially for people with mental disorders.
17- year-old HS Junior, brilliant but underachieving HS Junior. Now in college.
What began as a simple hobby began to take up more and more of my time, and the real world began to pale in comparison…There is always a better way to live, in which YOU are in control, not some perverse, self-reinforcing reflex that is slave to a chunk of silicon and plastic
Donna RGarden City, New York
“You are an amazing person with empathy, wisdom, and knowledge that will only validate your practice.”
David SSpringfield, VA
“Helping our son develop better confidence in his school work by challenging him to be more responsible in a number of areas, Coach Ron communicates well and has high standards of accountability- a special asset to families with children struggling with ADHD or lack of self confidence!”
W.SDirector, Organizational Development & Change Human Resources, (Anonymous) Health Care Organization
“Your coaching was so valuable. I didn’t think it possible to get so much in such a short time. You were an empathic witness and challenged me in a very positive way to seek new ways to see things and I did. You’re a fantastic coach. You’ll be very successful with your own practice.”
Matthew RGarden City, NY
“Coach Ron was very influential in helping me get in the right direction with my studies. He did an amazing job, I couldn’t be more thankful for his help.
Sandra LSouthern Arizona
“Your perspective and understanding of how the ADHD brain works really helped me on my journey.I have made progress that I hadn’t thought possible before working with you.”
Chris BLouisville, KY
“Ron is a caring and very knowledgeable coach who helped give me perspective and insights in several areas of my life. He knows more about ADHD than a lot of the experts, and is was able to help me frame my past successes and struggles in a more positive way. He also helped me explore many of my options as a small business owner in transition.”