“The benefit I felt was bringing our family together”


“It was not difficult but I missed my phone and computer. We finally got out the ping pong table. And I learned that I like some board games”


My problem is stopping myself from playing (5 hours in a session….until 3 AM one evening. Ron suggested a technique…which produced surprisingly effective results.


college graduate , university employee

Video games for me are an escape from reality. The real world can sometimes be a cruel and unforgiving place especially for people with mental disorders.

20-year-old, college Junior

science career goal, Coached to passing grade in organic chemistry

What began as a simple hobby began to take up more and more of my time, and the real world began to pale in comparison… There is always a better way to live, in which YOU are in control, not some perverse, self-reinforcing reflex that is slave to a chunk of silicon and plastic.

17- year-old HS Junior

brilliant but underachieving HS Junior, Now in college

“Helping our son develop better confidence in his school work by challenging him to be more responsible in a number of areas, Coach Ron communicates well and has high standards of accountability- a special asset to families with children struggling with ADHD or lack of self confidence!”

David S

Springfield , VA

“You are an amazing person with empathy, wisdom, and knowledge that will only validate your practice.”

Donna R

Garden City, New York

“Your coaching was so valuable. I didn’t think it possible to get so much in such a short time. You were an empathic witness and challenged me in a very positive way to seek new ways to see things and I did. You’re a fantastic coach. You’ll be very successful with your own practice.”


Director, Organizational Development & Change Human Resources, (Anonymous) Health Care Organization

“Coach Ron was very influential in helping me get in the right direction with my studies. He did an amazing job, I couldn’t be more thankful for his help.”

Matthew R

Garden City, NY

“Your perspective and understanding of how the ADHD brain works really helped me on my journey.I have made progress that I hadn’t thought possible before working with you.”

Sandra L

Southern Arizona

“Ron is a caring and very knowledgeable coach who helped give me perspective and insights in several areas of my life. He knows more about ADHD than a lot of the experts, and is was able to help me frame my past successes and struggles in a more positive way.”

Chris BLouisville