First, this is not a one size fits all project, but instead a family project.  Every family has its own history, expectations, educational background, values and communication style.

detailed personal and family history is taken – which means not just conventional “psychosocial” measures, but also family and child digital use of every device and sort.  This includes Parenting style, Implicit and explicit rules’  Life satisfaction measures; Strengths; Achievements; Gratitude experiences; Life meaning; Values of student and family.

A comprehensive Digital History is taken of time spent on  public and private devices – including time spent, where, when, and used for what  purposes.

The evaluation includes one or more Executive Function evaluations, beginning with the Dawson inventory model, and its eleven core academically purposed categories  (Peg Dawson EdD, Richard Guare PhD – Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents). The comprehensive BRIEF2 executive function inventory, Barkley (self-regulation) and Brown (initiation through completion) inventories and models will be selectively used.

Consultations and reports, including communication with your pediatrician, psychologist, educator, or therapist will be integrated into this evaluation, including direct communication with these professionals as needed.

Abstinence from all screens for three days will then begin, during which positive change and/or withdrawal symptoms will be assessed, in order to individualize the needed rigor for the subsequent program implementation.

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